Fanta Mondays

I recently began a new routine and now I work every day-- quite the twist since I got to Gicumbi. It makes for long and more tiring weeks. After my first day at Kageyo Goverment School, I got home CRAVING a Coke. So badly, I was going to venture back out from the house and... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Kageyo

Christmas in Kageyo I was not looking forward to Christmas this year. I knew it was going to be different and difficult to be so far from my family, my church, and the traditions I love. Christmastime in Rwanda looked very different. I listened to my favorite Christmas songs and sang a few hymns for... Continue Reading →

Newsletter #2

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At home I relish the days when I have nothing on the calendar. When my days are open and I can take it easy or catch up on what I'm behind with. I'll have a leisurely morning, run some errands, grab lunch with a friend, catch up on TV, read for a while, cook or... Continue Reading →

Meet My People

Because I have met and will continue to meet so many people throughout my year, I think I will make this a recurring post featuring the faces and the stories of the people I have come to know. (This picture is from my first day in Gicumbi, my Rwanda family and friends!) First up, my... Continue Reading →

Milk Tea

Before I left home, I would tell people the small amount of information I knew about Rwanda-- one thing I always shared was that Rwandans love milk, especially in tea. Then I would make a joke about how I am thankful I am not lactose intolerant. On average, I drink five cups of milk tea... Continue Reading →

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