Fanta Mondays

I recently began a new routine and now I work every day– quite the twist since I got to Gicumbi. It makes for long and more tiring weeks.

After my first day at Kageyo Goverment School, I got home CRAVING a Coke. So badly, I was going to venture back out from the house and get one. I dragged Joshua with me to the shop down the street from my house. Shops are different in the village. It’s a small room off someone’s house or a small stand alone building. They stock all the necessities a household might need if they can’t get to the larger market in Byumba (a 15 min drive or 2 hour walk). The shelves are stocked with beer, toilet paper, sardines in tomato sauce, mayonnaise, soap, notebooks, pens, biscuits, cooking oil, flip flops, pad locks, candy, sodas, flour, buckets, fresh bananas, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. It’s actually really impressive to look around in these little shops. They’re like little convenience stores. And we have about five shops within five minutes from our house, each stocking similar things, but also some things that make them unique. Like Claudine’s store has the kind of gum Haleluya likes best, but Mama Queenie’s store has the small jars of mayo.

Anyway, I got a Coke. Joshua, Pastor, and Haleluya got Fanta Citron. Mama Haleluya got an orange Fanta.

Everyone enjoyed the treat and I decided that every Monday, I would stop at home and take orders then run out to a shop and pick up the drinks to share with the family. This past Monday, I grabbed a Citron for myself– dare I say, a better choice than the Coke?

Parting words about the Fanta Citron: dang, what a special drink! It’s like a sparkling lemonade, sweet and tart and bubbly. It’s not too tangy, but always refreshing! The pale yellow-green color is enticing and whenever I see one, I immediately start to crave it. It’s the perfect drink on a warm, sunny day. And it’s probably the perfect drink on a cold, rainy day too– it’s just that good.


(The picture here is Joshua drinking his Fanta on Monday after he got home from school. You can tell he’s pretty pumped about it!)

2 thoughts on “Fanta Mondays

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  1. Your brother can not believe you like it better than Coke!?!?!
    Hope your teaching is continuing to go well. We love hearing about your daily exploits. Keep em coming!
    Blessings, Mom


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